2008 - the year that's been

2008. It's been a good year, a great, fabolous, exciting yaer. Probably one of my favourite years so far.

I've visited new places I always wanted to go and I've come back to places I allready love. It's been a year where I've made a lot of new friends and had reunions with loved ones.

I've seen the fireworks in Sydney, danced my 21st away in a backpacker bar on Georgestreet, I've deliverd eggs in the southern highlands, I've been drinving to Melbourne for shopping, festivals, drinking & dancing, I've been stuck in the rain in KL, gone on a boat on the river in the oldest jungel in Malysia, I've seen tea plantations and I've been drinking buckets of malibu & pineapple on the beach, i've been snorkling and seen the reggae band on Koh Lipe, met an old schoolfriend, been sick and had a tattoo on Koh Lanta, I've lived for almost two months on Langkawi, spending the days on the beach, going for trips to waterfalls and islands and drinking beer and dancing and camping and... and then there was Sweden, and the best frinds and family in the world, I've worked at the same place I started working when I was fourteen, I've had one of the best summers of my life, thanks to the people around me. Then I've been shopping and drinking red wine in Paris, I've tried to get a job and apartment in Oslo, I've been back to Sweden, I've even planned a longterm stay in Sweden, just to give it up, pack my bags and go off to the UK, where I've gotten to know a lovely family, celebrated swedish and english christmas, started going to the gym, had my first car, gone shopping in London, Brighton and Chichester, and this is where I will begin the year 2009.
I've been busy, and now it's time to start thinking about next year, so much to see, so much to do...

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