How great is the weather?! I've spent most of the weekend out in the sun, reading, relaxing & working on my tan. Today I took a break from it though and went to The Clothes Show London for some browsing, Martini sipping & fashion show watching, great fun, all in all a fabulous weekend.
Skirt - New Look / Tee - Old Navy / Belt - second hand from Paris


If your not happy, do something to change it.

After a night of cinema, friends & sweets, i don't feel quite as gloomy as I did earlier this afternoon. However, I have to say, again, that Dan Browns books should be left alone and not be made into movies. If you haven't read the book you wont get the movie, if you have read the book you'll know that loads are missing, it's a lose-lose. But, on the bright side, at least it was good to get out of the house. Now I'm going to bed and I'm crossing my fingers for a sunny day tomorrow so that we can go to the park and climb some trees. Nightynight


Maybe tomorrow?!

Went to bed to read. Fell asleep. Waken some time later by children going to bed. Realised it's fridaynight. Felt like a loser. Sent some texts. Pretended to feel sad about no one replying and begging me to go out, but secretly happy to have a legitimate excuse to make a big bowl of butter popcorn's and go back to bed. Tell me, am I moving in the right or wrong direction here? Either way, I'll make up for my antisocial behaviour tomorrow. Now, back to book.


As usual the weather is going back and forth from very-warm/boiling-sunny to not-at-all-sunny-but-very-windy-and-cold every two minutes, so, bikini, check! warm jumper, check!
Cardie - Marks & Spencer / Silk dress - Second Hand / Bikini - Matthew Williamson for H&M



Off for bagel breakfast and shopping in the city, love my life!

Jeans - GAP / Tee - Acne / Scarf - Burberry / Blazer - Second Hand



Black & white. Tee, leather jacket & jeans. Simple. Comfy. Easy. Perfect for a day out and about. Ciao!

Jeans - Kate Moss for Topshop / Top - Indiska / Tee - Burberry / Scarf & Leather Jacket - Second Hand



Crossing my fingers this outfit will stay dry, looks promising at the moment, sunshine and all...

Blazer - Vintage Ralph Lauren / Skirt - New Look / Tee - Diesel / Sneakers - Converse / Scarf - Second Hand

Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone


Six words

So, I was in a charity shop down in Camden today, and I found this book filled with Six word Memoirs, and it said "Everyone has a story. Can you tell yours in six words?" and then a lot of people did exactly that. Very cool. So that gave me an idea. I'm gonna try to summarise every day with six words. Starting now.

Exploring new, rediscovering old, feeling happy.



Subject of the week - the swine flu (+ some random thoughts on health in general)


I found this little cartoon in "thelondonpaper" (by emcartoons) and I think to myself, should I be worried living in this city? I mean, only yesterday I wrote on FB that I was happy to have a 24h supply of greasy takeaway (yes, I was hungover a the time of writing that), now I think, maybe that's actually not a good thing? And then I think, should I go down to the gym, or should I go to the pub and watch the footy? And it now occurs to me that this is not good, I need to get a grip, get back on track, Bognor was super for my health (well, in the beginning it was, then I started making friends and it pretty much went down hill from there, but still) London´s been, well, not-so-good, so far, I think it might be time to change that.

Texts from last night

New favourite site, mucho fun!

(317): why did u let me go home with him last night?
(260): u were determined it was a good idea
(508): hdsncx Gizmo asnqw toilet blanasdi
(214): ok, stay where you are, be there soon
(207): Please forgive me. I will pay for your emergency room visit.
(310) So how was last night?
(1-310) Let's just say I danced with the devil
(310) Huh?
(1-310) I'm going to Hell for sure

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)



It's ok to take blurry pics the day after the night before. It is also ok to wear sunglasses even though it's not sunny and to wear a hat even though it's not actually that cold. Truth.
Wearing: Jeans - Kate Moss for Topshop / Top - Uniqlo / Cashmere jumper & scarf - Secondhand / Shoes & sunnies - Wedins / Cashemre hat - COS


David Ford - Go to Hell

Last night was supposed to be a quiet night in, I was babysitting and Angie and Knut was gonna come around for some food and a glass of wine. However by the time Claire and Mark got back that glass of wine had turned into more like a bottle, and so going out seemed like a great idea. I think i was in bed by 6am. Not optimal. But, it was a fun and, like always, a quite random night.