Back from Paris


It was great. Really it was.
We did a lot of walking, covering most of the city.
We found second hand & vintage shops, the biggest fleamarket in Paris, and loads of other fun stuff. We ate baguetts, croissants and we did drink both good coffee & red wine. (We also drank beer & candy shots when we ended up in an irish bar one night!) We went to the movies and, ofcourse, we saw the Eiffeltower, Mona Lisa & Moulin Rouge. Just some you-gotta-do-it-when-you-in-Paris-stuff.
Great fun.
Unfortunately we had only a disposable camera so I won't be able to post any pics for you.

Next up is a trip to Oslo for a few days to work out a place to stay and a job. I'll be going over on Sunday and catch up with Johan who's brave enough to lend me a couch.

But for tonight i'm happy to enjoy the quiet life of Norrköping. It can be pretty awesome as well. At least when you have good friends to share it with!


Stuck with the laundry

I like clothes. Clothes are fun
Washing clothes. Not so fun.
At least not when it's 8 machines.
My mom made a reservation for the washing room.
From 7 am to 9 pm.
What a lovely day.
If you need me, you now know where to find me!


some paris & a lot of newness, coming right up

It's my last day at work tomorrow. After that, freedome.
It's a lot of Paris in my head right now, paris paris paris paris.
Fleamarkets, coffee, shopping, choclate & loads of red wine.
But it's also a little bit of Oslo on my mind.
Apartments & work.
New town, new experiences.
New people, new bars, new coffee shops, new shopping.
New life.
A little bit closer this time than last.
6 (?) hours on a train. Not 24 on a plane.
But still a lot of newness.


Draem away

While i'm doing this (which is what i've been doing for five hours today), i'm dreaming about this!




You can't beat the feeling of 11 girls around a too small table talking all at once about a trillion different things. It's quite amazing really. I have to pinch myself to realise it's for real.
I'm so lucky. We all are. To have eachother.

It makes me think back to other times when i've been surrounded by amazing people.
On pantai chenang, friday night drinks at F&B, dancing at the Royal in Bowral, highschool, Jerry's basemant, way back then.

At times i've felt like all the fun's already over.
Just like A said today.
I've been lucky so far, and now i'm getting old and this is it.
No more fun for me, i've had my share, and now it's someone elses turn.
Again I'm lucky.
Cause I was wrong (something I normally don't admit to being).
The fun's just started. And it feels gooooood. Let me tell you, for example, saturday, this week, Göteborg, whoha, that's gonna be fun allright (and i better tell you that now because of the possibility I don't remember it on sunday)

I think it's more about letting go of the "fun" we had as 18 year olds and welcome the 20+ fun and live with that for now. Maybe sitting in a park drinking cheap vodka and dance all night long and make out with strangers on the dancefloor twice every weekend isn't the best thing to do any more. I should probably let that go, shouldn't I.
It can be fun having a glass (or three) of wine and a chit chat with the girls, flirting, just a little bit, with the cute guy in the bar, and get home early.
We are young, very young indeed, but we do get older. Time's are changeing and so are we and that's fine. Cause as long as we do what we do together, it will still be fun.

And if we by accident happen to end up with a bottle of cheap vodka and a stranger on the dancefloor, well, then someone else probably just had a glass of wine and can tell us what happend the day after.

That's what friends are for!


I'm suffering from the itchy-feet-syndrome

This is not my first blog. Probably not my last. Why I choose to make one now, i don't know.

Maybe I miss bellaragazzi, maybe i'm bored, maybe I feel like being a bit creative, or maybe I just miss the english language so much i felt obliged to come up with an excuse to use it.

Whatever the reason, dear reader, this blog is about to begin.

First I want to tell you a littel bit about me. Just so you get a picture, an idea, of who I am, what I have done and where I'm heading next.

I was born i Sweden, I grew up there, and I refer to it as home. But however much I liked it, it wasn't quite enough. Which is why, after finishing highschool, I packed my bags and left.
What started out as a four months holiday, turned in to a sixteen months adventure. I have seen beautiful places and met beautiful people. I now consider Sydney a second home and feel the same way about Langkawi.

But all good things come to an end, and so did my trip.

I've been back in Sweden for a while, but since I'm suffering from the itchy-feet-syndrome, I cannot stay much longer and have decided to move on. This time my plan is to go to Oslo. I still don't know when to go, where to stay or what to do. However my motto in life is that "everything works out if you want it to", so i figure this will as well.

This is just a start, let's see what follows....