I'm such a nerd

When I see something like this my herat beats a little bit faster, I fall in love a little and I feel myself gravitate towards the door.
Well inside things only gets better. This is only the back rooms. Floor to ceiling coverd in lovely lovely books. I finally picked three books to come home with me.
Ashtanga yoga, because I'm adicted to yoga and want to learn more.
Fools Die, because I promised a friend to keep an eye out (he will have to wait for it though, cause I couldn't resist a peek and now I'm intrigued)
And last but not least, Gigi, because I've wanted to read Colette for a long time but never quite got around to it.

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SystrarnaA på 19 kvadrat sa...

Mario Puzo, jag skulle kunna googla, men jag är ganska säker att han skrivit gudfadern... yes, sen kommer jag hem över jul, så då kan jag ge bilderna till jenna eller så? synd att inte du kommer hem sofi, hade varit kul att se dig :D kram på dig