Breakfast at Tiffany's

I went in to town earlier today and I found a real treasure chest!

Off the main shopping street there's a book exchange shop. Several rooms stuffed floor to ceiling with paperbacks. Shops like this one are the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle for me, I go in and I can be lost forever.

Today however I had a mission so I came out safe and sound after only a couple of minutes. I bought a book I've been looking for, for quite some time. Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffanys"! I'm very excited.

Generaly I perfer books to movies, but I'm not sure about this one, I mean, the movie is one of my absolute favourites...

Paul Simons - You can call me Al

Allright, so I'm in the car driving to the gym and they play this song on the radio. Completley random. It just made me so happy! I love this song!

Many long years ago there was a TV show in Sweden callen "Sikta mot Stjärnonra" (Aim for the Stars) where people dressed up and sang like other people. And there was one guy doing this song, and later we got the CD which my brother put on repeat. Lot's of good memories.


David Gray - Babylon

Speaking of babylon, I love this song. I've got David Gray's album and all his songs are just so good. Unfortenatley that CD is in my bags and they are, still missing. No suprise there. Good thing there's youtube.


Morning everyone.

It's mid-term break wcich means I've got the kids all day today and all day wednesday. Today we'll watch High School Musical, go to the supermarket & the park & make a chocolate mud cake.


Josh Pyke - Middle of the hill

I'm having a real Aussie music period at the moment. I think it's beacuse I found the voting list to Triple J hottest 100 on my hotmail the other day. Either way, here's another song & video that I really like.


Footy vs reading

Oh, I can't make up my mind wether to sit back and read a book or go downstairs and watch the Arsenal v West Ham football game. It's a tough life you guys.

Lunch was lovley and even though the weather isn't great it was still nice to go on a walk around the marina and look at all the boats, and there where loads of them too.


More music from down under

I've finished my first typing assignment. It feels great. It's friday, weekend. Woho.

I'm celebrating with one of my happy songs. Also from the Aussie time. Can't stop smiling.

Architecture In Helsinki - Like it or not

And now I'm off for a pilates calss, and after that I think I'll treat myself to some sushi.



Faker - This heart attack

No time for the gym today so I'll do some lengths in the pool while the kids have their swimming lessons.

Don't know why but all of a sudden I got this song in my head. Strange. It's good anyway, i like it, they played it a lot on the radio when i was down under.

Coffee cravings

I'm not sure what it is, but as soon as I'm working, I get these massive coffee cravings. Whether i'm working in an office, on the camping, delivering eggs or sitting at home at my own desk, as soon as my brain register "work" it automaticly goes "hey, I think we need a coffe over here!!!"

I mean, on the weekends, sure I like a cup of coffee. I love it really, i do, but I don't need it, I don't get the cravings. Now I do. It's 10 o'clock and I'm on my third cup.

It's probably just an excuse to get off work for a couple of minuties. I just hadn't realised just how lazy I must really be.

Good thing though that I keep it to coffee and don't smoke i suppose.


Spot on #2

Love this song. The boys at Little Lylea´s played it every "morning" when they opend, and it just symbolize Langkawi, I mean, blue sky, bright sun & a never ending party?! That's pretty spot on too.


Add to the list

Like I said I have this massive list of blogs i check out everyday, and that list just keeps on growing. This time it's Rebecca who's started a new blog. Reckon it'll be loads of fashion from our very own fashion guru :) Check it out here!

Now I only have an hour before I hit the gym and i need to get some work done so I'll try to use that hour wisley.


The List

Things I did today:

- the school & ballett run with the kids
- a (very different & strange) yoga class
- started my typing job (didn't do as much as I should've though)
- ate two doughnuts + fish & ships (what o earth happend to healthy eating?)

Things i didn't do today (and therefor have have have to do tomorrow!):

- call Davies Turner office in London and ask them to find my bags
- sign up to skype (I told my self I was gonna do that in Malaysia. The first time I was there!)

Two weeks here and I've become lazy as. I've got this massive list of blogs I check everyday and then I'm reading this great book, and I still find all the new shops in town exciting. Time to get a grip and do a bit of business now. Pronto.

Or maybe tomorrow....


London & friends

Two days in London.

Notting Hill, Covent Garden & Oxford Street i got to see this time. Plenty more to come. Can't wait til next time I can go up. I reckon I'll be doing day trips every other weekend.

Not much shopping this time. I got a yoga mat and that's about it.

Got to see some friends and that was great as well. I realise how much friends are worth. Just to be with someone you really like and talk or not talk at all and just be and just feel comfortable and able to be yourself a 100%. It's priceless really.

Now I'm gonna take a shower and cut my hair.




Just got some good news. Remember I couldn't get rid of my Swedish gym membership? Well, now a fiend of my mum helped me (without me knowing about it) and he managed to fix it for me. Same guy who's been helping me with the missing bags. Big Thank You!!! That's a great start of the day. And it looks like it's gonna be another sunny day. Lovley. Happy happy :)


A little bit of Sweden

Ever since I go over here I've had cereals for breakfast.

Today I felt having an egg and a sandwich.

So, the egg is boiling and I'm going over to the fridge to take out the caviar when I realise, I'm in England! They don't do eggs & caviar in England.

I open the fridge anyway to get the juice, and there, on the top back shelf, is a tube of Kalles Kvaiar.

Bless IKEA for making the world a little bit more Swedish!

Thursday morning

Allrighty. My very hard working day starts at 4:30 pm today when the kids are going swimming.

Up til then, I'm as free as free can be.

I've had a sleep in, I'll have a long, quiet breakfast, and then I'll to inte town for some browsing in the shops before I hit the gym at 1pm.

Speaking about the gym, did you know that there are twentysomething girls with tattoos in the small of their back & bellybutton peircings working out in cargopants and sportsbra's. I didn't think this kind of people still existed, and certainly not over the age of fourteen.



It's been a long day. Even though I don't spend the whole day with the kids the hours we do spend together are pretty intense. Probably even more so for me since I'm not at all use to young kids. But it feels good to be really tired in the evening.

Today I also went to the gym for some Pilates. Which felt great. I then had some Sushi for lunch. Love that you can get good Sushi without having to pay a fortune on it. Sweden need to work on that one! I also love that I can get all the fab UK edition fashion mags cheap and easy. What I miss, yet again, is the sweets and decent bread. How hard can it be?


Lost in the dark

I think I wrote yesterday that I was gonna go to the gym. Well, that didn't happen yesterday, but today it did. I was gonna do a spinning class at 7:15 pm, and left home half an hour before that.

So, I've been going around Bognor quite a lot these days that I've been here, but always in daylight and never driving myself. Today however I was driving in the dark.

Do I have to tell you I got lost? Big time!

But, when I've been driving around for like, 45 minutes, and I'm about to give up, try to find my way home, and consider it a long test drive, I see, in the corner of my eye, a KFC and a Lidl sign, and, squeezed between those two, voila, Fitness First!

So, I must say, I do find it a rather successfull night after all.


Today the sun is shining, and it's very beutiful, so I'm off out for a walk on the beach :)


The shrinking globe

I just found Annas new blog. It's funny how small the world's become since the revolution of the internet. With e-mails, chat's, Facebook and MySpace and then, of course, the blogs. It's just so easy to keep an eye on what everyones up to.

I'm off to bed now so I'll see yous in the morning.

Natti natti

English palmtrees

The rain is pouring down and the palmtrees in the garden look like they are freezing. I've always said I want to live in a place where I can have palmtrees in my garden. However, Enland never really crossed my mind as a place where that could happen. But here they are, and what do I know about palmtrees after all?

I've been out testdriving "my" car today. It's really pretty, a Ford KA in metallic silvery-green. But it is tricky to be on the lefthandside of the road again. At least it's not a truck i'm driving this time. But I'll get some practice later tonight when i go to the gym.

I am also gonna see if can get some money from sweden to enrol on a course. I'm considering creative writing, web-design, spanish, photagraphy or fashion design. It would be a great way of meeting new people. But it is rather expensive so i reckon I'll need to get in touch with CSN or whoever it is I should get in touch with.


First day

I'm now sitting at my desk, in my room, looking out at the water. Bognor Regis, on the south coast of West Sussex, is what will be my home for now.

I rather like it. Lovley family and all.

I've allready got a new mobile number, which is +447551950994, and a membership at the local gym. Which happens to be Fitness First by the way, irony of life. I've also discoverd they have Woolworths here. And although i'm in europe so you reckon things would be like Sweden, it's more like Aussie land.

All good so far. I'll keep you up to date.


Weekend with the girls

Woha, just 2 days left in Sweden. Belive it or not but I'm actually quite nervouse. But in a good way.

Still have my membership at the gym to deal with, not really sure how to solve it.

I purchased a new laptop the other day, so that's fun. I didn't really had the money, but since I got a job I needed one. And the job will get me the money, so thats all good. It's a typing job for a company here in Sweden that I'll be able to do online, so I can be anywhere, which is great (and maybe in the future "anywhere" could be, like, sunny Langkawi rather than cold England)

Tonight and tomorrow will be spent with the girls. The Girls!

But first, some lunch and a bit of packing and cleaning. Can't belive I've got so much stuff. Crazy, loco, gila gila!