Summer of 69

I did go for the leo outfit in the end. I think it was a good choise, I got compliments for it. Anyway, the party was nothing like thought it would be. It wasn't actually a party hosted by the person I was invited by, but by his brother, who celebrated his 17th birthday! And so, the people attanding the party was in that agegroup aswell, with the exeption of the older siblings and some of their friends. So we were divided in two groups, the "real" party (their evening had it's culmination around 8:30 I would say) and the "grown-ups". It was fun though, I had an excellent time, great fun people that I hope I will see a lot more of in the future!

The highlight of my night might have been when this song came on the karekoe(no, I didn't sing, two guys from the "real party crew" had the microphones, thank god)

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