Poem of destiny

I was never one to care much about poetry, you know, back in school when you had to learn about it, or even later, when I could do it by free will. I bouhgt a few books, I admidt that much, but they never seemed quite right. But some time ago I learned about Billy Collins. I have now read a fair few of his poems, and i peculiarly like this one.

I Go Back To The House For A Book

I turn around on the gravel and go back to the house for a book, something to read at the doctor's office, and while I am inside, running the finger of inquisition along a shelf, another me that did not bother to go back to the house for a book heads out on his own, rolls down the driveway, and swings left toward town, a ghost in his ghost car, another knot in the string of time, a good three minutes ahead of me — a spacing that will now continue for the rest of my life.

Billy Collins

It reminds me of that movie, with Gwyneth Paltrow, "Sliding Doors", and that movie pretty much describes the way I think of destiny, and life.

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