Me likey

The wedges are back in vogue and can be found in most shops at the moment, I used to love them a few years back, they are so much more comfortable than other high heels, and when I saw these, I think I started falling, again...Photobucket


Fast and Furious 4

It's time for the cinema again. Love the cinema (and not only cause it's an excuse to buy sweets) Fast and Furious 4 - "new model, original parts" wiht the original parts (Vin Diesel & Paul Walker) being the reason I liked the first movie so much, I reckon it's gonna be good.


Lady GaGa - Poker Face

I've had such a lazy day today and I've been in a sort of Sundayish mood all day, but, it's not Sunday now is it? It's Friday, and I'm going out, so it's time to change the mood, and what's better than some music and a glass of wine to get the job done?




Wicked Wednesday

The Pub is closing, they literally throw us out, we are in Bognor, so there's nowhere else to go, nothings open, what to do?
Let's all just go and hang out in the back room of a shop. And why not try on some sunglasses. And take a picture. With an iPhone. And post the picture right away on facebook. Yeah, let's do that, I mean, why not?!

Just Jack - Embers

Wicked night last night, curry and a drink, that turned into drinks, that turned into tequila and, well, it was all very random and fun. However, sitting in a car for 7 hours today was not that fun, but, I got to see the house we're moving to and it is amazing, and I reckon Camden will be great fun!


The Boat That Rocked

I've said it before and I say it again, the perfect way to end the week - cinema!

Love the sun

The sun's out and I've decided to park myself by the pool (not that it's warm enough to actually go in the pool, but still) got my iPod and a good book ready (only the LV beachwear missing, I'm loyally sticking to H&M) it's gonna be a nice day, I can tell.