Coldplay - Fix you

Oh dear, maybe I should just start on another book...

I'm having a "what-do-I-want-to-do-with-my-life"-day today (most likely because I've just finished my book and now I feel a bit empty, I have to leave the imaginary world and come back to my own reality, and that makes me think)

I'm quite happy where I am right now, and I do have sort of a plan for the next year or so, but then, I mean, what do I really want? When I grow up (will I ever?) I understand that one day I will probably settle down, somewhere (in what country?) I'm almost twenty two (maybe that's it, I'm having a twenty two-year-old-crisis) Should I start making plans, like, real plans, for the future, plans for studying (do I want to study? what would I study??) plans for a job, a job as in a career rather than a job to survive and be able to save enough for the next plane ticket (what sort of career do I want?)

I believe that anything and everything is possible, whatever I want to do, I can do. But that still leaves me with the question, what do I want?!?!Photobucket


"it's not about your make-up, or how you try to shape up, to these tiresome paper dreams"

I'm doing a rerun of this night (without the going to London bit, unfortunately) the rest is there however. And when were on to reruns, let's just listen to this again, shall we, cause it's so damn good, I love it, do you love it? I really do love it!


Mark Morrison - Return of The Mack

I remeber Brianna having this song on a CD that was playing pretty much non stop while I was staying there when I first arrived in Sydney almost two years ago (sweet jesus, two years, time flies), now it's moved in on the "Top 25 most played" list on my iPod, thats some kinda move...


Bigbang - Long Distance Man

So completely random. Somewhere midday a tiny bit of this song, just a piece of melody, pops into my head, why, what triggered it, I don't know, what I do know is that I've spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what song it was and who's done it, so that I could listen to it, I just knew it was "B" something, and now I finally I got it, thank God, would've been a sleepless night otherwise...


Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

On the radio pretty much non-stop (I mean, it must be, I hardly ever listen to the radio, but every time I do, this is what I get) Fortunately I like it.

Oh, don't look at me like that...

Some people don't like sitting alone in a restaurant or cafe. I didn't use to like it, I always had to have something to keep me busy, a book, pen and paper, my mobile, anything really. These days I don't mind, it's a nice feeling of independence when you can sit with your cup of coffee and be content with just watching people and get lost in thought.


This old love - Lior

Do you guys have a wedding song? (as in a song you want to play on your wedding)I don't. However, one of my friends in Australia do, and even if I won't get married to this song, it still holds a special place in my heart, I like it, because it's beautiful and it brings back nice memories.


A lot of love going around today folks...

The coolness of this look on a scale one to ten, I'd say, would have to be eleven, or more.I can't remember where I fount the picture, but it just feels so right, so now, the ripped jeans, the big rings, the loose shirt, the messy hair, everything is spot on, but not to much, very inspiring indeed.

The Kooks - Eddie's Gun

Just one more thing, I think I've started to develop a bit of crush on the boys in The Kooks...

Hey, check this out

Look what I found on facebook, a picture taken somewhere in Australia, haha, Sofie, Johanna, Alex & Jenna, it looks familiar, doesn't it?


Les Gets

Talking about travelling, this is where we're going skiing in February. I'm starting to get quite excited about that.

Dream away

We've had an amazing dinner tonight, great food and wine and fun conversations. Among other things we've been talking about travelling. I always tell the kids if they can't sleep that they should think about and visualise themselves in a place they really love to be, and tonight I think I'm gonna take my own advise, and fall asleep on monkey beach. Natti natti


Madonna & Marc

I know I've said before that I haven't been to keen on the Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign, but I have to say, after seeing this behind-the-scenes movie with her an Marc Jacobs, I'm starting to warm to it a bit more...

The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way

Good morning. Thursday today, right?! ;) Kicking off the day with some music. No sunshine today, instead the rain is pouring down. It's like, you know, when you can make a cup of hot chocolate, stay in you PJ's and just sit by the window and read a book and listen to the raindrops. Actually, I might just skip the gym and go for the hot chocolate-by-the-window instead...


Relax, Take It Easy

Back in the UK and things are going back to "normal". The kids, the gym, typing. Quite busy but in a well planned and laid back sorta way. Hoping to go to the movies later in the week, and well yea, that's about it really. Nothing to exciting. Just life.


Caesars - Over 'Fore It Started

Sorting through my stuff at home I found one of my all time favourite CD's, "Love for the streets" by Caesars Palace (now just Caesars). I especially like this song...



Normally I'm fairly organized, this time I'm not sure what happend. Todays been very very busy, and in less than 4 hours I'm gonna get in the car and drive to Stansted (just now I'm gonna google how to get there!) How on earth did that happen?? Anyway, 24 hours from now I'll had dinner with my family and coffee with my gals. Can't beat that in a million years :)


Fibes, Oh Fibes! - Get Up

It's funny how you can relate things completley randomly. Anna put up a video on her blog, and like two seconds in, another video, or song rather, pop's into my head, and I've been trying, like real hard, to figure out what it's called, and just now I got it...


The moment I wake up...

I never sleep with the blinds down, and the reason is that I love to wake up to this view, like I did this morning. I just can't get enough of it.

Great times!

I love when people randomly put up 2 year old travellpics on facebook, thanks Ciaran for giving me a great start of the day!


When You Were Young

I can't upload any pictures. That's annoying. Oh well, let's listen to some music instead. One of the things on my "must-do-before-I-die" list is to go and see The Killers live!

I cant wait for the weekend to begin!

Yes, bring on the weekend, please.


God morning my beloved friends. Today I've got a headache, I'm coughing and sneezing continuously and I've got a stopped-up nose, in other words, I feel fantastic, and I look like this.Wearing jeans & scarf from second hand, top from Indiska, cardi from Marks &Spencer, cashmere hat from COS and Bally bag.


Miranda Cosgrove - About you now

The girls must've been playing this song in the car this morning or something cause I can't get it out of my head. Strange.


London sightseeing - Abbey Road

I just came across this picture, and it reminded me about driving pass that very crossing whilst in London last time. The first time we drove pass it was quite late at night and it was all empty and I didn't think much of it, the second time however was around lunchtime on a sunday and it was just loads of people (mainly japanese looking) walking across getting their picture taken, it looked way funny!



I'm going to Brighton today with some friends(!) About time, haha. Looking like this.Jeans, leather jacket & scarf from second hand,top from Indiska, cardi from Marks & Spencer, hat from COS and converse sneakers.