It's funny how sometimes you get reminded of the same experience from different sources independent from eachother in a short time.

Yesterday I logged on to Coach Surfing (pretty much for the first time since I became a member in february, great site though) and I read my own profile, and one of the things they ask you to describe is "One Amazing Thing I've Seen or Done" and I wrote "I was in a boat going to Perenthian Island, Malaysia, and we left in the sunrise. The sea was purple, it was extraordinary!"

Then today I'm looking at some pictures on facebook and I come across this one, taken on that very boatride...
Extraordinary indeed!

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Liene sa...

sv: Visst är den:)

Vad vackert det lät och bilden var vacker!

Tina sa...

Vacker himmel!
Saknar sommar kvällarna.