Mission very much possible, please

Mission of the day:
Talk the people on the gym in to letting me off the hook of my 1 year contract with them. I really did belive I was gonna be here for a year. Now I ended up using that card for 2 weeks. Hopefully they'll be nice. Otherwise it will be te two most expensive weeks of my life (well, almost anyway)

I am also going to dinner with my brother, father and grandparents to celebrate my borthers birthday (a month late)

Then I have a movie night or a party night to look forward to. Can't really make up my mind which one it'll be.

Small problems in a big world.



Say hello goodbye

Just like i predicted, I wasn't able to say no.
So, 10 days from now it's bye bye Sweden and hello England!
I cannot belive I'm so lucky. This family sounds almost to good to be true. Got some pics today and it all just feels great. There are always some new advetures just around the corner.
But (always a but) I will miss my friends! However this time i'm closer than last time. And yes I know I said that about Norway as well, but guess what, it's acually cheaper to buy a plane ticket to London than a train ticket to Oslo! And it won't take any longer. So, I reckon i'll have loads of visitors this time (crossing my fingers for that ;))


Oh my giddy giddy gosh

A couple of weeks ago I singed up at this website for au-pairs. Never really expected anyting to come from it. Today I got a phonecall from a lady who told me there's a family in the UK, west sussex, who might want me to come and work for them for a year. I told her she could give them my number. Now I'm sort of freaking out 'cause if they really really want me I don't think I'll be able to say no....

After that a real nice lady from the Telia Shop in Linköping also called me for a phoneinterveiw.

At least things start moving.

Sun's shining today too, so i'll just go for a walk now.

Time to grow up?!?

I just read Anna:s blogg.
She's decided to study psychology for 5 years. My biggest decison so far today is to wear purple nailpolish instead of red....
Time to grow up?!?

At least i got to the gym this morning, even managed to get Lottie to go with me. Funniest music today, this old lady asked to get one of her favourites so we listend to "Lasse Stefans". Haha, you probably gotta be from Sweden to get what's so funny. It's not realy the music we normaly get on the spinning classes, that's for sure.

Now I'm off to see Jenna and look for a bag to Alex and then to hang with my family for the rest of the day. Ciao


Without keys on a sunny day

I always make fun of my mum and the fact that she always forget things. I'm not joking, every singel time she walks out of the door she comes back 30 seconds later to pick something up. Every time. So it was kind of embarrissing to have to call her today and tell her I left my keys at home and can't get in. Unfortenatley she's in Stockholm and will not be home until late. Lucky for me Alexandra is living just a block away and is boyfriendless at the moment, so I don't have to sleep on a bench in the park.

Gorgeous day today, sun shining and all that. So what did I do? I locked myself in a dark saftey/storage room where my dad's kept all the stuff from our old apartment and packed a fair few boxes for my new apartment. I'm not sure how I'll manage to get it all in. I can tell you for sure I will not have one of those airy minimalistic places that you see in magzines. It'll more look like a crowded secondhand shop. But I have to say I've got loads of beutiful things.

Didn't have time and the forgot to eat today (i've had 2 apples and a latte) but I'll make it up to myself tomorrow. First I'm going to my grandparents for lunch and then to dad for dinner. Since I don't see either of them very much they've both decided to make some of my favorite foods. Can't wait.



Kickstarted the week with some Body Pump at 6:45 this morning.
Felt like a hero and deserved the big brekkie at the gym afterwords. Love going to the morning classes, even more fun when some of the other girls tag along, so girls, who's on for spinning on wednesday?!

Back home i called up a friend of mum and got myself an interveiw for a job. Going over tomorrow, so we'll se how that works out. It's a computer job, typing, could work.

Now I'm off to the shower before going to my grandparents place for some mid-morning coffee.

Oh, saturday, so much fun! First the trip to Stockholm with Jenna to meet Marjo, awesome. Then the biggest bottle of Asti ever and a great night out with the girls. Great fun. Felt like I was 18 all over again (which in my book i a level A grade)


Apartment? Check! Happy? Check!!

Wiho, I've just got myself an apartment.
It makes me a very happy Sofi!
Technicly I don't have it yet. I'll move in the first of November. Which is probably good since I still don't have a job, sand therefore no money to pay for it. Yet.
It's quite small, one bedroom, a kitchen, a wardrobe, bathroom (with a bathtub :D) and a balcony. 31 square meters. 2500 SEK/month.
Perceft for one person, one Sofi.

The (almost) best part is that it gives me an opportunity to throw a party.
A house warming party. That's always fun.

Other than that, not much new. I'm using my gym card so I'm not as fat as i was a week ago but my jeans are still to tight. I'm still singel, and I'm still poor.

But happy!

And I'm going to Stokholm to meet Marjo this weekend.
And I'm going there next week on a "work in Europe" thing.
And the week after for an interveiw to become a travel guide in Egypt.
Yea well, don't even ask.


Home sweet home

I'm home.
To stay.
For now...
Got a membership at my favourite gym in the world (Nautilus kicks Fitness First ass!)
Don't have a job, don't have an apartment.
But I'll get there, eventually.
For now I'm just enjoying life.
Hope it'll last.
Keeping my itching feet at bay with a promise to myself that i'll go to London, soonish, in my infinate search for those bloody bags of mine.


Hello Norway

I'm in Oslo.
I realise now that it was a long time ago I was a rookie in Sydney. It seems I gloryfied the whole thing about being new in town a bit. It's bloody hard to get all the bits and pieces together from scratch. I'ts a cathc 22 sort of, I need a job to get an apartment, and I need an adress to get a job.

However, since i know from experience that it can work out, and i'm really keen to get my life sorted, i'll just keep trying.

Going to the movies tonight with my friend/one-week-roomie/guide (bless him!).