Hello Norway

I'm in Oslo.
I realise now that it was a long time ago I was a rookie in Sydney. It seems I gloryfied the whole thing about being new in town a bit. It's bloody hard to get all the bits and pieces together from scratch. I'ts a cathc 22 sort of, I need a job to get an apartment, and I need an adress to get a job.

However, since i know from experience that it can work out, and i'm really keen to get my life sorted, i'll just keep trying.

Going to the movies tonight with my friend/one-week-roomie/guide (bless him!).

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Kim sa...

Hej hopp! Nu har jag gjort en ny blogg, det andra funkar inte! kimnetzel.blogg.se är det nu istället! Lycka till i norge o hör av dig när du kommer hem!:-) puss hej!