Back from Paris


It was great. Really it was.
We did a lot of walking, covering most of the city.
We found second hand & vintage shops, the biggest fleamarket in Paris, and loads of other fun stuff. We ate baguetts, croissants and we did drink both good coffee & red wine. (We also drank beer & candy shots when we ended up in an irish bar one night!) We went to the movies and, ofcourse, we saw the Eiffeltower, Mona Lisa & Moulin Rouge. Just some you-gotta-do-it-when-you-in-Paris-stuff.
Great fun.
Unfortunately we had only a disposable camera so I won't be able to post any pics for you.

Next up is a trip to Oslo for a few days to work out a place to stay and a job. I'll be going over on Sunday and catch up with Johan who's brave enough to lend me a couch.

But for tonight i'm happy to enjoy the quiet life of Norrköping. It can be pretty awesome as well. At least when you have good friends to share it with!

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