Say hello goodbye

Just like i predicted, I wasn't able to say no.
So, 10 days from now it's bye bye Sweden and hello England!
I cannot belive I'm so lucky. This family sounds almost to good to be true. Got some pics today and it all just feels great. There are always some new advetures just around the corner.
But (always a but) I will miss my friends! However this time i'm closer than last time. And yes I know I said that about Norway as well, but guess what, it's acually cheaper to buy a plane ticket to London than a train ticket to Oslo! And it won't take any longer. So, I reckon i'll have loads of visitors this time (crossing my fingers for that ;))

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SystrarnaA på 19 kvadrat sa...

Åh vad roligt för dig Sofi! Jag vill bara säga att korten är framkallade (Paris) och jag skulle kunna skicka dem, om jag får en adress.
Systrarna A läser din blogg och håller oss uppdaterade om dig och ditt liv, det är underhållande läsning sötnos! Kram Johanna