Apartment? Check! Happy? Check!!

Wiho, I've just got myself an apartment.
It makes me a very happy Sofi!
Technicly I don't have it yet. I'll move in the first of November. Which is probably good since I still don't have a job, sand therefore no money to pay for it. Yet.
It's quite small, one bedroom, a kitchen, a wardrobe, bathroom (with a bathtub :D) and a balcony. 31 square meters. 2500 SEK/month.
Perceft for one person, one Sofi.

The (almost) best part is that it gives me an opportunity to throw a party.
A house warming party. That's always fun.

Other than that, not much new. I'm using my gym card so I'm not as fat as i was a week ago but my jeans are still to tight. I'm still singel, and I'm still poor.

But happy!

And I'm going to Stokholm to meet Marjo this weekend.
And I'm going there next week on a "work in Europe" thing.
And the week after for an interveiw to become a travel guide in Egypt.
Yea well, don't even ask.

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