Kickstarted the week with some Body Pump at 6:45 this morning.
Felt like a hero and deserved the big brekkie at the gym afterwords. Love going to the morning classes, even more fun when some of the other girls tag along, so girls, who's on for spinning on wednesday?!

Back home i called up a friend of mum and got myself an interveiw for a job. Going over tomorrow, so we'll se how that works out. It's a computer job, typing, could work.

Now I'm off to the shower before going to my grandparents place for some mid-morning coffee.

Oh, saturday, so much fun! First the trip to Stockholm with Jenna to meet Marjo, awesome. Then the biggest bottle of Asti ever and a great night out with the girls. Great fun. Felt like I was 18 all over again (which in my book i a level A grade)

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