Without keys on a sunny day

I always make fun of my mum and the fact that she always forget things. I'm not joking, every singel time she walks out of the door she comes back 30 seconds later to pick something up. Every time. So it was kind of embarrissing to have to call her today and tell her I left my keys at home and can't get in. Unfortenatley she's in Stockholm and will not be home until late. Lucky for me Alexandra is living just a block away and is boyfriendless at the moment, so I don't have to sleep on a bench in the park.

Gorgeous day today, sun shining and all that. So what did I do? I locked myself in a dark saftey/storage room where my dad's kept all the stuff from our old apartment and packed a fair few boxes for my new apartment. I'm not sure how I'll manage to get it all in. I can tell you for sure I will not have one of those airy minimalistic places that you see in magzines. It'll more look like a crowded secondhand shop. But I have to say I've got loads of beutiful things.

Didn't have time and the forgot to eat today (i've had 2 apples and a latte) but I'll make it up to myself tomorrow. First I'm going to my grandparents for lunch and then to dad for dinner. Since I don't see either of them very much they've both decided to make some of my favorite foods. Can't wait.

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