Telling Stories

Okey, last post for the day, comming right up.

Just got a comment from Anna who's studying psychology. She read the following in a book and said she thought about me when she did so.

"Among the people you know, somone probably fits the following description: is talkative and outgoing, likes meeting new people and going new places, is active, is sometimes impulsive and venturesome, gets bored easily, and hates routine and monotony"

Haha, sounds pretty spot on!

Now I'm gonna do my bedtime yoga routine. I have just started to do about 20 minutes of energizing yoga first thing in the morning and 20 minutes of relaxing yoga just before I go bed.

But first I just have to listen to this song one more time, just one more...

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Juulan sa...

svar: åh tack så jätte mycket!!