Ett liv i exil

One of my favourite bolg's written by a Swedish guy living in Australia. When I started reading it he lived in Melbourne, since then he's gone from there to Sydney and is now in Brisbane.

I started reading this blog way before I even had a thought about going to Australia myself. Now afterwords I wonder if maybe this blog was one of the reasons I wanted to go there in the first place?

When I started reading it, everything he wrote about seemed so very exotic. Then, when I was acually down under myself, I could relate to everything, and it was kind of cool, the realisation that what I had once thought exotic now was my everyday life too.

Now I read it and get nostalgic.

Anyway, he's not only a good writer but also a great photagrapher, and he just put up this pic. I love it (you'll see my coment there)

And as if that wasn't enough, he also got good taste in music:

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