Say what?

Oh, I'm disappointed, only three people showed up for the spinning class, and the gym wont do it unless there's at least five. I was so motivated. Instead I ended up on a cross trainer for 45 minutes & then did a real good stretch session for half an hour.

Now I'm home for a quick lunch before I'm off with the kids for their swimming lessons (don't worry, I wont pose in a bikini, I have my limits, belive it or not)

In Sweden the place where you go swimming is called "badhus" literally "bath house". Here they call it a lesiure center. It's the same thing but it just sound so much more luxurious.

And speaking of calling things by different names, here it's not dinner or supper, it's tea. I say pants for all sorts of pants, here pants are the same as knickers or undies and if you mean anything else you say trousers. There have been some missunderstandings.

Now, some music for you to enjoy. I like.

Cansei De Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

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Hanna sa...

Sofi!? har du tagit bort några inlägg? har för mig att jag lyssnade på en låt för några dagar sen som jag tycker är så bra, som spelas mkt på radio här nu. Men nu hitta jag den inte?! =(