Weekend with the girls

Woha, just 2 days left in Sweden. Belive it or not but I'm actually quite nervouse. But in a good way.

Still have my membership at the gym to deal with, not really sure how to solve it.

I purchased a new laptop the other day, so that's fun. I didn't really had the money, but since I got a job I needed one. And the job will get me the money, so thats all good. It's a typing job for a company here in Sweden that I'll be able to do online, so I can be anywhere, which is great (and maybe in the future "anywhere" could be, like, sunny Langkawi rather than cold England)

Tonight and tomorrow will be spent with the girls. The Girls!

But first, some lunch and a bit of packing and cleaning. Can't belive I've got so much stuff. Crazy, loco, gila gila!

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Ullis sa...

Shit vad tiden rusar iväg. känns som igår vi va ute och gjorde Oz, Mlaysia och thailand osäker =) och nu ska du iväg igen, kommer sakna dig så mkt. puss puss