Lost in the dark

I think I wrote yesterday that I was gonna go to the gym. Well, that didn't happen yesterday, but today it did. I was gonna do a spinning class at 7:15 pm, and left home half an hour before that.

So, I've been going around Bognor quite a lot these days that I've been here, but always in daylight and never driving myself. Today however I was driving in the dark.

Do I have to tell you I got lost? Big time!

But, when I've been driving around for like, 45 minutes, and I'm about to give up, try to find my way home, and consider it a long test drive, I see, in the corner of my eye, a KFC and a Lidl sign, and, squeezed between those two, voila, Fitness First!

So, I must say, I do find it a rather successfull night after all.

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