English palmtrees

The rain is pouring down and the palmtrees in the garden look like they are freezing. I've always said I want to live in a place where I can have palmtrees in my garden. However, Enland never really crossed my mind as a place where that could happen. But here they are, and what do I know about palmtrees after all?

I've been out testdriving "my" car today. It's really pretty, a Ford KA in metallic silvery-green. But it is tricky to be on the lefthandside of the road again. At least it's not a truck i'm driving this time. But I'll get some practice later tonight when i go to the gym.

I am also gonna see if can get some money from sweden to enrol on a course. I'm considering creative writing, web-design, spanish, photagraphy or fashion design. It would be a great way of meeting new people. But it is rather expensive so i reckon I'll need to get in touch with CSN or whoever it is I should get in touch with.

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