Subject of the week - the swine flu (+ some random thoughts on health in general)


I found this little cartoon in "thelondonpaper" (by emcartoons) and I think to myself, should I be worried living in this city? I mean, only yesterday I wrote on FB that I was happy to have a 24h supply of greasy takeaway (yes, I was hungover a the time of writing that), now I think, maybe that's actually not a good thing? And then I think, should I go down to the gym, or should I go to the pub and watch the footy? And it now occurs to me that this is not good, I need to get a grip, get back on track, Bognor was super for my health (well, in the beginning it was, then I started making friends and it pretty much went down hill from there, but still) London´s been, well, not-so-good, so far, I think it might be time to change that.

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Anna sa...

En kommentar till, (har inte läst din blogg på några dagar :P) Influensan sägs ju inte vara så farlig, precis som en vanlig influensa. Bara man kollar det och får medicin så man inte sprider det vidare, de som dött är ju gamla och redan svaga/sjuka, så vi behöver nog inte oroa oss =) Vi är ju starka och friska tjejer med världens bästa immunförsvar ;-) Även om London kanske inte har det!