My thoughts on black coffee & Marilyn Monroe




You know when you really need to get something done!? Well, I reckon there's nothing quite like a cup (or bucket) of black coffee to make it happen, maybe a bit of determination, willpower and work ethic will help, but in the end I still think it all comes down to the coffee.

As for my slight obsession with Marilyn Monroe lately, it's due to the fact that a friend have fixed us up with tickets to the show "Marilyn Forever Blonde" in a couple of weeks, and I am so, so excited about that! And also, obviously, she's amazingly gorgeous and I love and can't get enough of all the old photos of her!

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A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie sa...

Hi Sofi -
Thank you bunches for visiting GirlWhimsy, today! Your comment was lovely! And, so is your blog! Stop back again, please!

churfera sa...

Thanks for your comment,you are sooo nice!
Beautiful pictures, we've got similar tastes ha ha ha!
Love the other post's picture of Marilyn with this big pull!

Natalie sa...

i lovee my coffee too, and it definitely helps me start my day. and i love that photo of marilyn, very gorgeous! :)